The Best Watch Forum In 2018

best watch forum

If you been collecting watches for a while, you know how tight the community can be. Not only can you meet fellow collectors at the many watch conventions, but there are also many great Internet forums with plenty of knowledgeable people that are always happy to help out.

But the amount of information can make even a sane people feel overwhelmed. Especially if you are looking to join the best watch forum that will fill your exact needs.

But fear not. To help my fellow watch enthusiasts, I have rated the most popular watch forums in this article. In addition to the Internet forums, I have also added the two largest Facebook groups towards the end.

No matter if you are buying your first watch, or been collecting watches for years, you will receive great value from these forums.

Let’s dive right in!!

1. Watchuseek – Best Overall Forum 

Let’s start with Watchuseek – a site that claims to be the world’s most visited watch site. A quick glance at their statistics gives plenty of support for their claim. As of today they have 380k members, 1,5 Million threads and over 13 Million posts. A very impressive number.

Watchuseek is a European based watch collectors forum with tons of information. In addition, it’s frequented by many knowledgeable members who are always willing to help out. The forum is divided into different categories with the major ones being watch brands, industry news, a watch winder forum and sales corner. Especially the sales corner is a real gem, and in my opinion Watchuseek is one of the best watch forums for sale of used watches. In addition, it’s the best forum overall!

Check out the Watchuseek forum here!

best watch forum

Overall Best Watch Forum: Watchuseek

2. – The Best Dive Watch Forum is another active forum. Like Watchuseek you will find the forum divided into general watch discussion threads, watch brands and a small sales corner.

The most popular thread is the Public Forum, a fast paced and lightly moderated forum where everything between heaven and earth is discussed. I have to admit, sometimes I spend way too much time in there!

But the main reason for hanging out here is the dive watch section. This is a very active thread frequented by many experienced divers. And they know what they are talking about. In my opinion, is the best dive watch forum on the web.

Check out the forum here!

best watch forum

Best Dive Watch Forum:

The Watch Forum – Best Military Watch Forum 

The Watch Forum is a small but tight community that has been around since 2001. With 40,000 members it can’t rival Watchuseek and Timezone, but two things stand out with this forum: their crowdfunding effort and the military watch section. Especially the military watch thread is a real gem, and in my opinion, The Watch Forum is the best military watch forum on the web today.

In addition, their crowdfunding imitative is a great idea and you can ask to get funding for your own kickstarter idea, or elect to invest in someone else’s watch startup.

The forum itself has a different design compared to the others. Instead of being divided into brands, it consists of general threads like “Japanese watches”, “Vintage watches” and “Electronic watches”.

Check out the Watch Forum here!

best watch forum

Best Military Watch Forum: The Watch Forum

Rolex Forums – The Best Vintage Rolex Forum 

Another active watch collectors forum is the Rolex Forum, and the name pretty much sums up the main niche. This forum is a must if you are a Rolex watch owner or collector.

The Rolex forum has over 200k members, over half a Million threads and 8 Million posts, making it one of the world’s most popular watch forums.

One of the most popular threads is the vintage Rolex forum discussion. Here you find information that’s hard to come by elsewhere, for example the best places to buy Rolex spare parts, or how to find repair professionals. In my opinion, this is the ultimate Rolex forum and the best vintage Rolex forum on the web today.

Check out the Rolex Forum here!

best watch forum

Best Vintage Rolex Forum: Rolex Forum

Watch Freeks – Best Watch Forum For Beginners 

Watch Freeks brands themselves as a passionate and edgy forum, and in addition to giving good information, they also give you plenty of entertainment. For example, sometimes they feature fun competitions and members gets access to a a fun image gallery with strange and rare watches.

Watch Freeks has 25k members, 61k threads and 726k posts, making it smaller than most other forums on this list. However, I will give a shoutout to the excellent beginner thread “Watch School 101” – a real gem for beginners. That combined with the good entertainment and easy reads make this the best watch forum for beginners.

Check out the Watch Freeks forum here!

best watch forum

Best Watch Forum For Beginners: Watch Freeks

Replica Watch Info – The Best Replica Watch Forum 

The name itself is self explanatory – Replica Watch Info is the to go forum for replica watches. It’s the smallest watch collectors forum on my list because of it’s narrow niche, but it has a wealth of information if you happen to be into replica watches. No other place comes close, hence Replica Watch Info is the best replica watch forum on the web.

Check out the Replica Watch Info forum here!

best watch forum

Best Replica Watch Forum: Replica Watch Info

FB: Watch Collectors Unite 

I will wrap up my list with two of the most popular Facebook groups. First we have Watch Collectors unite, a popular group with 6,000 members from all over the world. Here you will find a wealth of information and people are always happy to answer all your watch related questions.

Check out the Watch Collectors Unite group here!

best watch forum

FB: Watch Collectors Unite 

Strangely enough, the second group has the same name, but as far as I know they are not affiliated. It’s smaller with 1,600 members but still has an active and engaging membership.

Check out the Watch Collectors Unite group here!

best watch forum

Best Watch Forum 2018 – Final Words

I hope you receive great value from my list. Take your time to explore the different forums and find one that gives you the best value and guidance. And most importantly, choose the one that make you feel most at home!



PS: In closing, I hope my best watch forum review was helpful when you’re making your choice. In addition, let me say there are plenty of things to consider when you’re buying your first watch. I recommend that you look around our site to learn about some frequent mistakes to avoid when buying your timepiece. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to send us an e-mail.


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